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Jeff Flax's Law Related Resources

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> Joint Administrative Office/Department of Justice Working Group on Electronic Technology in the Criminal Justice System - critical report on discovery and the use of technology in federal criminal cases.

> ABA Law Practice Management Law Practice Today - highly informative site on Legal Technology, Management, Finance and Marketing (updated often)

> The new ODS Training Branch web page - the ultimate website for federal CJA criminal defense lawyers

> Capital Defense Network - the best resource for federal death penalty defense practioners

  • Super Sites
    Attorney directory from MARTINDALE-HUBBELL
    Chicago-Kent Law (formerly Legal Domain Network)
    Colorado (Univ.) Law Library
    Cornell Law (LII)
    E-discovery by Ken Withers
    Google - Uncle Sam
    Internet Legal Resource Guide
    Federal and State Law, and Legislation Information - Washburn Law
    FEDLAW - Federal Law Resource Finder from GSA
    Introduction to Legal Research on the Internet by Glenn Bacal
    Law News Network from
    Law-Related E-Journals and Periodicals Index
    LAW SOURCES ON-LINE - GREAT - Federal & States Statutes (& more) for the US, Canada & Mexico
    Legal Dictionary from Duhaime
    Legal Research Meta-Index (Georgia State University)
    LexisOne - Free Case Law
    Library of Congress - THOMAS
    LLRX - Law Library Resource Xchange
    Villanova Center Law Compass
    Washlaw WEB - Washburn Law
    W3 Lawyer

  • Criminal Law Oriented Sites
    ABA Criminal Justice Section
    ACLU Criminal Justice Issues
    APB On-line
    Boulder Criminal Defense Bar
    Bureau of Justice Statistics (DOJ)
    California DUI
    Capital Defense Network - the ultimate resource for federal death penalty defense practioners
    Capital Defense Weekly (formerly Capital 's Toolbox)
    Clinical Criminology
    Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
    Colorado State Public Defender
    Computer Crime ( - DOJ
    Computer Crime - RCMP
    Computer Crime from MacMillan
    Computer Search and Seizures (DOJ)
    Crime Scene Investigation
    Criminal Justice Act Guidelines (for the Administration of the CJA) - Vol. VII of the Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures
    Criminal Justice Act - Case Budgeting Forms
    Criminal Justice Links from ABA
    Criminal Justice Page (Cecil's)
    Criminal Justice Statistics Sourcebook (DOJ)
    Criminal Law Index from Findlaw
    Criminal Law Links from SODDI.COM
    Criminal Law News from Findlaw
    Criminal Law Resources from Hieros Gamos
    DC Public Defender Services
    Death Penalty Information Center
    Defender Association of King County, Washington
    Dept. of Justice (US) Home Page
    DOJ Computer Seizure Guidelines
    Drugs, Drug Testing, Narcotics (through - Detailed Info
    Drug Server (Illicit)
    DrugText Substance Policy Pages
    DUI Center
    DUI Defense Info
    Families Against Mandatory Minimums
    Federal Death Penalty Cases: Recommendations -- Spencer Report
    - Federal Defenders
  • FD.ORG - Defender Services Division Training Branch (extensive federal resources)
  • Federal Defender Employment Opportunities
  • Association of Federal Defenders
  • Alabama (Middle)
  • Alabama (Southern)
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas (Eastern and Western)
  • California (Northern)
  • California (Eastern)
  • California (Southern)
  • Colorado and Wyoming
  • Connecticut
  • D.C.
  • Delaware
  • Florida (Middle)
  • Florida (Northern)
  • Florida (Southern)
  • Illinois (Central)
  • Indiana (Northern)
  • Louisiana (Eastern)
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Michigan (Eastern)
  • Missouri (Western)
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New York (Western)
  • North Carolina (Middle)
  • Ohio (Northern)
  • Ohio (Southern)
  • Oklahoma (Northern and Eastern)
  • Pennsylvania (Middle)
  • Pennsylvania (Western)
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee (Eastern)
  • Texas (Northern)
  • Texas (Southern)
  • Texas (Western)
  • Washington (Eastern) and Idaho
  • Washington (Western)
  • West Virginia (Southern)
  • Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center (FJSRC) - Federal Criminal Case Statistics
    FOIA Page - DOJ
    FOIA Page - Other Agencies
    Forensic Justice Project
    Forensic Science by Zeno
    Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR)
    Fully Informed Jury Association (juries and jury nullification)
    Gang Info from NYGC
    Gas Chromatography to Mass Spectrometry
    Illinois State Appellate Defender
    Intoximeters (Intoxilyzer info)
    JusticeNet Prison Issues Desk
    Louisiana Indigent Defender Board
    Mental Health Links from Tennessee Criminal Law Defense Resources
    Michigan State Appellate Defender Office's Criminal Defense Online
    National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG)
    National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
    National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
    National Criminal Justice Reference Service's Justice Information Center
    National Legal Aid and Defender Association (NLADA)
    New York State Defenders Association
    Paul M. Rashkind's Sites for Defenders
    Prison Legal News
    Prisons and Prison Law
    Prisons - US Bureau of
    Psychiatry and the Law Resource (J.F. Hooper)
    Rap Dictionary
    The Sentencing Project - National Association of Sentencing Advocates
    Tennessee Criminal Law Defense Resources
    TRAC - Information on federal law enforcement
    Uniform Crime Reports
    U.S. Attorney General's FOIA Reading Room
    U.S. Attorneys' Manual
    U.S. Attorneys' Bulletins
    Vera Institute - Criminal Justice Info.
    Waring R. Fincke-Serious Criminal Defense Litigation
    Yahoo - Criminal Justice

  • Federal Courts
    Courts.Net - The Nation's Courts Directory (Federal and State)
    U.S. Courts Home Page
    Federal Circuit Court Finder
    Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation
    PACER Service Center
    U.S. Courts - LINKS

    - U.S. Supreme Court:

    U.S. Supreme Court Homepage
    U.S. Supreme Court Decisions from Findlaw
    U.S. Supreme Court Decisions from Jurist
    U.S. Supreme Court Decisions from LII
    Recordings of Historic Supreme Court Oral Arguments

    - Circuit:

    Federal Court List from AOUSC
    Search Tool for All Federal Circuit Courts
    D.C. Circuit Decisions
    D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
    Federal Circuit Court of Appeals
    First Circuit Court of Appeals
    Second Circuit Court of Appeals
    Third Circuit Decisions (Villanova )
    Third Circuit Court of Appeals
    Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Fifth Circuit Court and Decisions
    Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
    Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Tenth Circuit
    Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
    Eleventh Circuit Decisions (Emory)
    U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
    U.S. Court of Federal Claims
    U.S. Court of International Trade
    U.S. Tax Court
    U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans' Claims

    - District:

    Authorized Article III Judgeships by District
    Federal Court List from AOUSC
    Alabama - Middle
    Alabama - Northern
    Alabama - Southern
    Arkansas - Eastern
    Arkansas - Western
    California - Central
    California - Eastern
    California - Northern
    California - Southern
    District of Columbia
    Florida - Middle
    Florida - Northern
    Florida - Southern
    Georgia - Middle
    Georgia - Northern
    Georgia - Southern
    Illinois - Central
    Illinois - Northern
    Illinois - Southern
    Indiana - Northern
    Indiana - Southern
    Iowa - Northen
    Iowa - Southern
    Kentucky - Eastern
    Kentucky - Western
    Louisiana - Eastern
    Louisiana - Middle
    Louisiana - Western
    Michigan - Eastern
    Michigan - Western
    Mississippi - Northern
    Mississippi - Southern
    Missouri - Eastern
    Missouri - Western
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York - Eastern
    New York - Northern
    New York - Southern
    New York - Western
    North Carolina - Eastern
    North Carolina - Middle
    North Carolina - Western
    North Dakota
    Northern Mariana Islands
    Ohio - Northern
    Ohio - Southern
    Oklahoma - Eastern
    Oklahoma - Northern
    Oklahoma - Western
    Rhode Island
    Pennsylvania - Eastern
    Pennsylvania - Middle
    Pennsylvania - Western
    Puerto Rico
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    Tennessee - Eastern
    Tennessee - Middle
    Tennessee - Western
    Texas - Eastern
    Texas - Northern
    Texas - Southern
    Texas - Western
    Virgin Islands
    Virginia - Eastern
    Virginia - Western
    Washington - Eastern
    Washington - Western
    West Virginia - Northern
    West Virginia - Southern
    Wisconsin - Eastern
    Wisconsin - Western

    - Bankruptcy:

    Directory of United States Bankruptcy Clerks' Offices from
    Federal Court List from AOUSC

    - Federal Probation/Pre-Trial:

    Federal Court List from AOUSC
    California (Eastern) Probation
    California (Southern) Pre-trial
    California (Southern) Probation
    Florida (Middle) Probation
    Florida (Northern) Pre-trial and Probation
    Illinois (Southern) Probation
    Indiana (Northern) Pre-trial and Probation
    Indiana (Southern) Probation
    Kentucky (Western) Probation
    Louisiana (Eastern) Pre-Trial
    Louisiana (Eastern) Probation
    Missouri (Eastern) Pre-Trial
    Missouri (Eastern) Probation
    New Jersey Pre-Trial
    New Mexico Pre-Trial
    New Mexico Probation
    Puerto Rico Pre-trial
    Puerto Rico Probation
    Tennessee (Middle) Pre-trial and Probation
    Tennessee (Western) Probation
    Texas (Eastern) Probation
    Virginia (Eastern) Probation
    West Virginia (Southern) Probation

  • Other Specific Legal Sources
    ABA - American Bar Association
  • ABA Special Committee on Citation Issues
  • Discussion Groups
  • GP/Solo Magazine
  • LAW PRACTICE MANAGEMENT (formerly newsletters)
  • ABA TechShow
  • ACLU
    American College of Trust and Estate Counsel
    American Judicature Society
    Animal Legal Defense Fund
    Appellate Counselor Page
    Advertising Law (Arent Fox)
    Association of Trial Lawyers of America
    Bankruptcy Creditor's Service
    Basic Legal Citation Guide (Bluebook)
    Bureau of National Affairs
    Canadian Law - The Surfing Lawyer
    Canadian Legal Resources Master Index by Alan Gahtan
    Canadian Law Library - Univ. of Montreal Lexum
    CaseSoft - CaseMap and TimeMap
    Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
    Colorado Bar Association
    Colorado Court of Appeals Advance Sheets
    Colorado Courts
    Colorado LawyerNet
    Colorado Revised Statutes - through Lexis-Nexis
    Colorado Supreme Court Advance Sheets
    Congressional Info from Capweb
    Concordance and Opticon (litigation support software)
    Constitution (U.S.)
    Constitutional Law from Findlaw
    Copyright Law Website
    Courtroom 21 - Electronic Courtroom Project
    Courtroom of the Future - Electronic Courtroom
    CyberLaw (tm) & CyberLex (tm)
    Denver Univ. Law
    Digital Signature Guidelines Tutorial
    Doar Communications (litigation support)
    Dog Law
    Dumb Laws
    Emory University School of Law
    England Legal References - L. J. West-Knights, Q.C.
    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
    Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
    Estate Planning Page by Dan Evans
    Ethics (legal)
    Expert Witnesses
    Family Law (and Divorce) Advisor
    Federal Bar Association
    Federal Magistrate Judges Association
    The Federalist Papers
    Florida Judicial Page
    Freedom of Information Act (Law and Requests)
    Health Lawyers (AHLA)
    Joe Hodges' Home Page
    John Marshall Law
    Immigrating to the U.S. by Carl Shusterman
    IMMIGRATION & NATIONALITY LAW from Siskind & Susser - BEST on the Web
    Immigration Central
    inData Corp - TrialDirector Software (litigation support software and services)
    Intellectual Property Magazine
    Journal of Law and Technology (Richmond)
    Juris, Inc.
    LAWJOBS - Law Employment Center
    Law Libraries of Central Florida Association
    Law & Economics
    Law Guru
    Law and Politics
    Law Office Computing
    Law Related Internet Book List
    Lawrunner - Legal Research Tool
    Law Technology News
    Law Technology Site - Jeff Kuester
    Lawyers Weekly USA
    'Lectric Law Library
    Legal.Net (tm) Attorney Registry
    Matthew Bender
    Medical Malpractice Page from 'Lectric Law Library
    Municipal Codes Online (Seattle Library)
    Municipal Codes - MCC
    National Center for State Courts
    National Federation of Paralegal Associations
    National Fraud Information Center
    National Law Journal - The
    Net-Lawyers Mailing List
    Nolo Self Help Law Center
    pdaJD - Palms and PDAs for Lawyers
    Patent and Trademark Info from MicroPatent
    Patent Law from Oppedahl & Larson
    Patent Search System from USPTO
    Personal Injury Law Resources
    Prentice Hall
    Saint Louis University School of Law
    SEC EDGAR Database
    SEC EDGAR Filings from FreeEdgar
    Securities Law Page
    Tax Information on the Internet
    Tax Prophet - Extensive Tax Related Information
    TaxWeb - IRS.COM - Consumer-oriented
    THOMAS: Library of Congress
    Torts from Hieros Gamos
    Tribal Court Clearinghouse
    U.C.C. - ARTICLES 1-9
    USC Law Library
    US Code (USC)
    Verdict Systems - Sanction Software
    The Virtual Chase - Legal Research Guides
    Virtual Law Library - Indiana
    Visionary Legal Technologies - free trial presentation software
    XML (Legal)
    William and Mary Marshall-Wythe School of Law

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